DeRoyce is a private investment house with global platforms spanning
private equity, structured finance & securities banking.


Investment Grade Assets
Our global asset strategies focus on acquiring investment grade income streams attached to real estate, infrustructure & energy assets within developed & emerging markets.


Private Equity Investment
We invest private equity as Co-GP, LP & Preferred equity investors to capitalise global projects, funds & ventures in partnership with seasoned sponsors, asset managers & developers.


Private Credit Investment
We deploy structured credit investments to capitalise global assets, projects, investment funds and ventures via senior & subordinated debt facilities, as well as structured credit instruments.


Securities Banking
Our international banking platform deals in large-scale credit structuring, syndication and investment management, as well as origination, issuance, buy/sell trading and monetisation of MTN, SBLC, BG and other bonds and bank instruments.


Private Investment Strategies
By invitation, we allow selected family office & institutional investors access our proprietary investment platforms:

- DeRoyce Capital Vault
- DeRoyce Securities Banking
- DeRoyce Global Commodities
- Private Managed Accounts & Funds


Investment Advisory
We work with private and institutional investment managers to deploy capital at-scale through international equity and credit strategies.

Capital Raising
We also work with family offices, asset managers & project sponsors to secure debt finance and equity investment for international funds, projects & ventures.