DeRoyce is a private investment house with global asset, business & investment platforms that span: private equity real estate, private commercial lending, asset development & acquisitions, as well as securities banking.


Global Asset Acquisitions
Our long-term portfolio strategies focus on acquiring commercial, hospitality, industrial & residential real estate assets across stable international markets.

Real Estate Development
DeRoyce Property develops design-led residential, hotel, office & retail assets across prime international markets: UK, Western Europe, North America & Australia.


Private Equity Real Estate
We invest private equity as Co-GP, LP & Preferred equity investors to capitalise global projects, funds & ventures in partnership with seasoned sponsors, asset managers and developers.


Structured Finance
Globally, we provide structured finance facilities to capitalise assets, projects, investment funds and ventures via senior and subordinated debt funding.


Sophisticated Banking Strategies
Our international banking platform deals in large-scale credit structuring, syndication and investment management, as well as origination, issuance, buy/sell trading and monetisation of MTN, SBLC, BG and other bonds and bank instruments.


Bespoke Investment Strategies
We offer selected UHNW, family office & institutional investors the opportunity to participate in DeRoyce Capital's private investment strategies that include:

- DeRoyce Capital Vault
- Investment Securities Banking
- Private managed funds (Equity/Credit)
- Strategic Joint Ventures (Investment/Corporate)


Capital Allocation Advisory
We work with institutional & private investment allocators to deploy capital at-scale across international asset, equity and credit markets.

Capital Markets Advisory
We also work with asset managers, project sponsors and cornerstone investors to raise co-investment capital for selected funds, projects and ventures.